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Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil.

We have heard that Coconut oil has many benefits and I didn’t actually make any research about this until recently.
When I was growing up,we used to eat coconut a lot and in various ways. Sometimes we would combine it with some other local or native food to eat together. We were very healthy and not really overweight as compared to the rate of overweight nowadays,and even more on younger children.Recently,I have began to look into the topic of coconut again and I share below very brief summary of what I learnt.
#1. Organic Coconut oil can be actually be used in the treatment of Heart disease.
#2. It can aid irritable bowel syndrome
#3. It can help with the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
#4.Organic coconut oil can be used to support chronic fatigue as well as thyroid conditions.
#5. It can be taken by mouth to boost immune system and to increase energy level.
#6. Although it is believed that Organic coconut oil has high calorie and saturated fats,it is actually used to lose weight and also to lower cholesterol.


#7. Organic coconut oils serves as a moisturiser when applied to the skin.

#8. It also helps in the treatment of eczema and dry skin.

#9. Coconut oil is used in hair cream and hair products. This is mostly because it is believed to prevent hair breakages and damages.

#10. Research shows people who eat lots of coconut live in great health,with little or no evidence of heart disease.

#11. Coconut is very filling thereby helping to reduce hunger. The fatty acid in coconut oil helps to appetite as well as burns more fats.

Organic Coconut Oil

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